Thursday, April 25th, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
The deadline to apply for press credentials for the Billboard Latin Music Awards is now over. However, please be aware that Press Releases and high-resolution pictures will be available at nbcumv.com. You will need to register at least 48 hours in advance with a company email. The list of winners and downloadable high-resolution pictures will be posted the same evening of the show. For footage of the show, you may record the program from your station and utilize for news coverage (please see video guidelines below). We will NOT have footage of the show to provide you after the event.
Video Guidelines:
  • You agree that the clips will be used only for news and review purposes only and for no other purpose whatsoever. Clips from the annual Show broadcast must not air prior to 11PM ET/PT on Thursday, April 25th, 2019.
  • You agree that the aggregate length of all clips used will not exceed two minutes; however, all individual clips will not exceed 30 seconds.
  • You acknowledge that as between you and Telemundo, Telemundo is the sole owner of all copyrights and exclusive rights in and to the clips, and you agree to give Telemundo a credit for its grant of permission to use the clips. This on-screen credit should read: "Video the Billboard Latin Music Awards courtesy of Telemundo."

For exclusive content about this year’s event visit PremiosBillboard.com. You can be part of the action by following @LatinBillboards across Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat as TeamTelemundo, Facebook.com/LatinBillboards, and join the conversation using #Billboards2019.

Thank you.

Public Relations Department